Lacing, drizzling, fingers and brushes.



I am not much of a traditionalist when it comes to the way that I interact with my tools and my medium.  I often engage in experimental mixing of mediums and I happily exchange a brush for my paint covered fingers. Fingers or brush – it makes no difference. A brush is an extension of my hand. The process that I now refer to as “lacing”, involves the production of dry paint “lace.” This is done with a few simple steps starting with brushing a random mix of colors onto a flat glass surface, allowing them to dry and then spraying the surface with water. The water causes the dry paint to wrinkle and quickly separate from the surface of the glass. The paint is then shaved off the glass using a single edge razor blade. The shavings can range from small bits, to larger ribbons or clusters.  These are applied to a surface such as canvas with wet paint which can be either thinly or thickly applied depending on the desired effect.  My technique also includes the application of paint by extrusion through small holes in squirt bottles or directly from the tube to the canvas.

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