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Sylvia Skok


Paintings are born, live and die in R studio, the private work-think space of Sylvia Skok. A painting is the corpus through which the breath of an impulse becomes incarnate. Skok, who signs as Rabeler, is an abstract painter and color and composition theorist. Her work arises from a mix of elemental constructs, cybernetic and systems theory and meditative self-reflection. She and the canvas are interactive partners embraced in a circular exchange of messaging. This mode of communication is referred to as Cybernetic Scrying.

Skok is a color and composition theorist, so it is unsurprising that color plays a dominate role in her painting. Her Chroma-generative (Chroma-G) model describes color as a formal language.  For Skok, every work of art is a composition; and every composition is a system. Therefore, art can be made and analyzed using the modeling tools and theoretical underpinning of systems science.

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